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History BIODERMA : Innovation, Research

The laboratory's history,
a visionary and generous brand

The BIODERMA brand has always remained true to its convictions, followed its intuition and defended its spirit of independence. The Laboratory has maintained the same sincere passion to understand the biology of the skin and the same desire to innovate and take part in dermatological breakthroughs, far from preconceived notions and established dogma. 

  • A pharmacist & a concept

    It all began in the 1970s with Jean-Noël Thorel, a pioneering pharmacist who came up with a radically new approach to dermo-cosmetics, thanks to his close conversations with the world's leading experts in biology and dermatology. He developed his first patents and laid the foundations for the BIODERMA philosophy: biology at the service of dermatology.

  • 1977, the 1st breakthrough innovation

    Symbolising BIODERMA's innovation strategy, the Nodé shampoo was a first breakthrough on its market and would later be followed by many other BIODERMA product innovations. The name Nodé came from "NOn-DEtergence" and underlined the originality of its formula, which for the first time could cleanse the hair without attacking it. This patent respected the physiology of the hair bulb and preserved the lipidic film of the fibre and scalp. Offering more softness and better tolerance, the original product and the whole Nodé range are huge successes still to this today.

  • Since 1985, a dynamic of innovation with health professionals

    Eight years after the first products were marketed in pharmacies, the brand developed a real product range in close collaboration with dermatologists. Sharing the same biological approach to the skin, BIODERMA has always referred to doctors' expectations to develop its products and to their requirements to develop its formulas and formulations. Still today, this collaborative work guarantees the relevance of BIODERMA innovations for patients. At the same time, close relationships were established with dispensaries, thus providing valuable feedback about products and how they were perceived by consumers.

    In 1992, the BIODERMA Laboratory became independent to preserve its freedom of action and its strategy. Jean-Noël Thorel, the brand's founder, surrounded himself with a team of researchers and scientists driven by the same vision and fascinated by biology who were determined to advance dermatology. 

  • 1992, the age of major innovations

    "We are builders in our area of expertise: the skin, biology, dermatology. Our vision, the way we proceed, is different from that of the others because we don’t stop at simply correcting skin dysfunction, we aim to protect the skin’s resources and enable the skin to adapt to its environment and lifestyle, over time. The way we do things is as essential as the things we do. Our existence, our relationships with others are based on this raison d’être". The brand still remains driven by Jean-Noël Thorel's convictions. All BIODERMA innovations start with the skin, its functions and its biology. Since the beginning and even more so since the 1990s, the laboratory has designed benchmark products based on key innovations offering new options to meet the expectations of dermatologists and the needs of their patients. These innovations have covered the areas of sensitive skin, oily skin, dry skin, dehydrated skin, photoprotection, hair and cell regeneration.

  • 2001, a global reach

    The opening of the first subsidiary in Italy in 2001 officially marked the internationalisation of the BIODERMA Laboratory's activities, which had begun in the 1990s. Such a change of scale was made necessary by a will to remain as close as possible to each market's realities. The objective: understand the expectations of dermatologists, pharmacists and their patients, which vary considerably from one country to another. Respect geographic, cultural and physiological differences and adapt to the practices of healthcare professionals all over the world. The BIODERMA Laboratory is currently present in nearly 100 countries, through subsidiaries, points of sale, associate research centres, private partnerships and universities.

  • 2009, socially-responsible commitment

    In November 2009, the BIODERMA Laboratory carried out its first socially-oriented mission in North Vietnam. It has since undertaken a series of missions in Vietnam and Cambodia with the help of French doctors – mainly dermatologists – and pharmacists, and various humanitarian associations. The aim: provide local populations with medical assistance, computing resources and miscellaneous materials. All these actions reflect the spirit that drives the BIODERMA Laboratory from day to day and express the profoundly human values it defends: generosity, solidarity and sharing.

  • 2011, advancing dermatology with the BIODERMA Foundation

    Created in 2011, the BIODERMA Foundation, sponsored by the Fondation de France, has the essential mission of supporting the development of dermatology around the world. It represents the culminating point for a brand that has always relied on dermatologists to move forward. Coming full circle, the BIODERMA Foundation actively helps disseminate knowledge of dermatology among doctors all over the world and advance fundamental biology research through an ethical and socially-responsible approach.  A symbol of the BIODERMA Foundation's commitment to dermatology, the "World Rendez-Vous on Dermatology" is a unique annual meeting place for top specialists from all continents for first-rate exchanges and transfers of know-how.