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BIODERMA - Job - Recrutment and application

Bioderma teams

Rather than seeking out conventional conforming profiles, BIODERMA prefers people who are able to think outside of the box, which is logical when independent thinking is a fundamental value. At BIODERMA, boldness and originality must go hand in hand with extreme expertise. And more than anything else, BIODERMA teams share human values and ethics that are the strength of a company dedicated to health.

  • BIODERMA teams

    BIODERMA has approximately 1000 employees in 70 countries, 250 of whom are based in France. The average age is 35 years and the laboratory offers tremendous growth opportunities, with many bridges between headquarters and the field and France and other countries. Passionate and exciting, BIODERMA is a company that cultivates the entrepreneurial spirit.

  • Our business

    First of all, it is listening to dermatologists, scientific researchers from around the world, pharmacists and patients suffering from various skin conditions. Then, it is studying the biological processes specific to human skin, analysing its reactions and understanding the causes of problems. Next, it is coming up with effective solutions to treat skin conditions, always while respecting the skin's natural biology. Lastly, it is having dermatologists validate our treatments before making them available in dispensaries.

    This is the role of the production, logistics, marketing and communications departments and all the teams who uphold innovations and guarantee their success.

  • CAREERS Bioderma and careers

    BIODERMA is always on the lookout for talented individuals! We recruit employees with a strong personality and one thing in common: they are willing to experience the brand on a daily basis, invest in its history and become part of a thrilling and yet demanding adventure.

    At BIODERMA, we all defend this history thanks to our shared passion. To learn more about the opportunities offered by our various structures in France and abroad, contact us! 

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